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reconst▓itution of Morgan Stanley Capital International's emer▓ging markets index.They bought a record 3.98 bill▓ion yuan ($631 million) worth of stock▓s listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect on

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April 18 alone, according to data from Wind Info, a Shan▓ghai-based financial information provider.On the same day, overseas investors bought a record 3.24 billion yuan wo▓rth of shares of Shenzhen-listed comp▓anies, using the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect.I▓n both Shanghai and Shenzhe

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n, overseas investment▓s were focused on shar

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es of finance and Chinese liquor companies.On

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April 19, the two markets attracted a further 5.3 billion yuan from overseas i

nvestors.Analysts from Beijing-based▓ China International Capital Corporation Limited, or CICC, wrote in a note that the northbound investment - funds coming from Ho▓ng Kong into the Chinese mainland bourses - ha

s are snapping up Ch

s mainly ta▓rgeted blue-chip A shares since March-end.Wang Hanfeng, c▓hief strategist at CICC, attributed the northbound investment to

overseas investors' confidence in the long-term performance of the blue-chip com▓panies, given their current share prices."As the day ▓of t